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Valet for 100 People

Valet service for up to 100 people to your wedding

  • 1 h
  • Location 1

Service Description

Pricing: One valet can take care of 30 -50 guest at any event. For events that will contain 100 guest will have two valets For events that will contain 200 guest will have 3-4 valets For events that will contain 300 guest will have 4-5 valets For events that will contain 400 guest will have 5-6 valets Our pricing is $25 person per hour. As well with our service you will get the highest value of insurance possible that will take care of your guest, location, and all cars we deal with, so you can rest easy and just enjoy the event. * For transportation from parking lot to location will be an extra cost, as well if you need anything else, please contact me or let me know in our planning/meeting because we accommodate all your wants and needs, thank you!!! Payments - Payments can be paid three different ways: *Pay a small percent a few days before the event then the other percent after event *Fully pay before/ immediately after event

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